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GBK չ淶 - ·ɷɡٷվ- ҳ

GBK չ淶() ȫϢ׼ίԱ չ淶(GBK) Chinese Internal Code Specification

Ѻϱʵôȫ - »ֵ

 &#; Ѻϱʵôȫ Ѻ ϲ ĸĸ ӦĹŴ һ a ia ua ʮ 顢Ѱ룬 ai uai 岿 Ѱ롢 ...

GBı - òοձ - ű֮߹

 &#; GB׼¼֣һָָͬʱGB ¼˰ĸϣĸƽƬĸ ...

ֱձ - »ֵ

 &#; кȡԹ(GB -)еķּݣеĵһֺ͵ڶеijò֡


 &#; 纺ֵȫֿ &#;GBֿ&#; (ƧֵIJ&#;ҹվ༭) ƴ ʻ ס ʻ حدһؼ

ַ cantoneseAID

 &#; 룬ͨƴԼ¡ Cantonese pronunciation computer input and self-study software for Putonghua (Mandarin) Pinyin - Free ...

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Chinese Characters - with Pinyin - Linguanautҳ

This page contains a table including all the possible Chinese Characters with Pinyin if you're looking for a specific character and how to pronounce it just go to the "find" sure to check our Chinese Alphabet or Learn Chinese page which contains several lessons that might help you in